Nicolas Kalogeropoulos Professional Photographer Freelancer in Paris

(c) Nicolas Kalogeropoulos Photographe professionnel Paris

Independant professional photographer based in Paris and freelancer journalist, I help all kind of societies, communication agencies, event agencies, etc., to fulfil their images needs.

As a freelancer photographer in Paris and around, I am available for different kinds of projects like :

– Photos reportages
– Events
– Corporate portraiture
–  Team building
– Food photography
– Workshop photo
– Etc.

In the “Réalisation” tab, you’ll find a large showcase of my work. I’m perfectly at ease with working in an english speaking environement. In fact, it happens quite often that many of the people I photographe are foreigners that only speaks english.

Tireless curious, always with new ideas, and always looking forward to news projets, I’ll be more than happy to answer any of your demands. 

If you have any questions, photo projects on Paris, or if you need a quote for a professionnal photographer services, feel free to contact me throught the contact form on the right side. It’s in french, but I’m sure you’ll manage to get it right 🙂

See you soon !

Nicolas Kalogeropoulos


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